Atelier for architecture and urbanism

Do you take on new work?

We keep our workload moderate; we are able to take on a new interesting commission at most times.

What are your fees?

We charge fixed fees in most cases, an industry-average percentage of the construction budget.

Do you take on projects pro bono?

Yes, depending on circumstances we are able to reduce or waive our fees.

Do you work interstate or internationally?

We take on interesting work regardless of location. Sometimes we co-operate with a local jurisdiction architect.

Do you offer internships or work experience?

We don’t offer internships or work experience. We provide mentorship to aspiring architects who have demonstrated genuine interest.

Would you like to speak at our conference / publish in our journal?

Yes in most cases we welcome opportunities to share ideas.

Do you have photos of finished projects?

Our residential projects are their owners’ respected private domains. Our public work (and some residential) has been published independently and may also be visited.