The Commons, Newcastle, Jiri Lev

Hamilton Uniting Church commissioned Atelier Jiri Lev to design a new church portico and rethink and redesign the adjacent Fellowship Hall, currently housing The Commons community space.

The works include new church portico, street awnings, rainwater retention, street gardens and furniture, disability access and elevator, fire escape and remodelling and upgrade of internal spaces.

Precision-calculated street awning and façade remodelling will enable solar passive heating, cooling and natural ventilation, eliminating the need for large air conditioning system. Connection to  the street will be improved by lowered window sills and additional entrance.

Several operable walls create number of flexible spaces inside to serve the Hamilton community.

The proposal includes rainwater retention on site in integrated planters/seats/water tanks/bike stands and green walls.

The proposed portico is a freestanding, lightweight corten steel structure. Natural oxidised surface, together with form visually reinforcing existing portal arches will complement the brick church. Existing grey pavement will be replaced with terracotta to better match the existing public footpath and church. The new portico will enable congregation to gather outside and prevent stormwater ingress in the historical church building.

Three community consultation have been held in February and March 2017.

Development Application was filed in October 2017 and is on public display for community comment until 1 November 2017. The public is encouraged to approach us directly with any questions or comments, which are much appreciated.

Hamilton Uniting Church The Commons